Corporate Law Insider

how to clean mac for freeThe Corporate Law Insider is a Bourque Law Firm website dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and business owners to (1) avoid business disputes and, when unavoidable disputes occur (2) achieve the best possible results.

Business disputes can be internal or external.  Internal disputes — when partners, shareholders, or members of a company fight among themselves — are frequently more contentious than external disputes with third parties.  The terms “shareholder litigation” or “shareholder derivative action” should strike fear in the hearts of business owners; it means things have gone horribly wrong between partners.  The resulting pain — and vitriol — is often more intense when squabbling partners are family members and/or have been longtime friends.

Business disputes with third parties can be equally painful.  A business dispute with a vendor, contractor, real estate agent, developer, builder, service provider, supplier, seller/buyers of a business is at best, unpleasant and draining and, at worst, potentially ruinous.

The Corporate Law Insider is the product of Art Bourque’s 24 years as a commercial litigator.  During that period Art has handled all types of business disputes.  As a litigator, it is easy to play Monday Morning Quarterback — to sit back and tell business owners how they should or could have avoided their predicament.  The Corporate Law Insider is intended to get ahead of problems before they arise and to mitigate problems after they have arisen.  This will be done by addressing REAL WORLD issues that most every company and its owners may confront.

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